About Our Move

It seems like just yesterday when we opened South Kempsey Medical Centre; in response to a genuine need from the local communities and Council.  We were astonished to find that although our heart was in South Kempsey, our clients came from far and wide – from Macksville in the north to Harrington in the South, and from the Rocks in the East to the vast pastoral areas from the west of Kempsey. We are sincerely grateful to each and every member of the local community, who has provided us with the invaluable opportunity to serve this region and its people. 

Today, we have over 3000 active and exclusive patients in our books, and these are growing every day. We’ve doubled the number of doctors and staff on our premises since starting the practice, and now, outgrown our premises in such a short time. 

We are committed to the care of all our patients, and so, will be building a large medical facility in South Kempsey – on the corner of Middleton and Lachlan Street – in the near future. These premises will aim to accommodate excellent parking and easy access to and from public transport. Regulatory approvals and planning are already afoot, and we estimate the facility to be ready in around 24 months. 

However, due to sustained demand for GPs in the local area, and the lack of space at our current premises at 44 Lachlan Street, we need to temporarily relocate to another space until the new facility is built: we are having to turn away medical and allied health practitioners who are willing to provide much-needed services for our region. Our waiting area is unable to cope given the growth of our client base and decreasing pandemic restrictions. We need bigger premises to meet our demand, and to provide more comprehensive wide-ranging services. 

As of Monday, 5 December 2022, the practice relocated to larger premises at Suite 200 (1st floor), 35 Belgrave Street, Kempsey. This building is in the CBD of Kempsey, next to Aldi. It has excellent disabled access, plentiful parking, and is in close proximity to public transport. 

We will continue to offer excellent healthcare to all existing and future patients and look forward to the time when we can move back to South Kempsey in our upcoming modern medical facility in the Macleay region. 

We hope these temporary premises in Central Kempsey will be adequate for our growth over the next few years, as we add practitioners to our centre and patients to our books.  While we do our bit, we request that you spread the word about our move around, and be aware of the new location.

We truly can’t wait to move back into South Kempsey as soon as our medical hub is built. We request your cooperation during this change and thank you for your understanding as we continue to do our best to provide the Macleay community with quality healthcare.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to let us know through the contact form here, or feel free to give us a call on 02 7228 5898.